Saturday, 30 October 2010


Dear readers,

First of all, the owner of this blog says thank you very much to God because of His help he can make this blog. The purpose of this made blog is to help readers all around the world, students of elementary, junior and high school, everyone wherever they are who really need any information about text type.

He names it as “Type of Text for Senior High School” because the content of this blog is about  the discussion about many type of texts that should be mastered by students or people whether they are junior or senior high school grade.

Here will be discussed briefly about text types. Those are Anecdote, Analytical Exposition, Commentary, Discussion, Descriptive, Explanation, Hortatory exposition, Narrative, News item, Procedure, Recount, Report, Review, and Spoof. In this blog, students are hoped not only to know and understand better about the concept (the meaning, the aim/goal, the generic structure and generic feature) of each text but also to comprehend well and indicate what type of text they found or read. Besides, this Blog also contains the students' work of writings. So, you can comprehend well about the type of texts mentioned before

warm regards,

mike goner

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