Monday, 15 February 2010

Air pollution in cities

Air pollution is a serious problem for our existence in the world. It is very dangerous for human’s health. It makes our cities uncomfortable. Air pollution is one the cause of global waming. So, it can be a big problem for all people in the world and the next generation. It can damage the nature.

This matter is caused by people who don’t know about the danger of air pollution. We need public awareness to fight air pollution and keep our air clean. Another problem is caused by car, motorcycle, and some public transportations. They emit deadly gases. When they go to somewhere, they spread air pollution. Besides, the factory can cause air pollution. Many factories create air pollution.

It is not going to be easy to solve this problem. We, as young generation, should make change so that our city become cool city. Besides, all people should be told about the danger of air pollution.
*This example of hortatory exposition text is written by Moch. Azkarijal (XI IPS I/ 9255) of MAN Sidoarjo student, academic year 2008-2009

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