Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mr Barrack Obama is the right man

I do believe that mister Obama is the right man on the right position. As we all know he has done his job well passed four years. So, I personally think that American will be proud of him as he is capable in running the united state of America government greatly. No word to say now except wow after knowing that he is elected again in USA president election 2012. I really thank God because my hopes that mister Obama will win this election come true. I really appreciate and so happy now.

Adoption in Islam

Adopting a child in Islam is a legitimate thing. It is done as it has great benefits not only for the foster parents but also foster children. As we all know that adoption must be done in order to keep, care, educate, fund, and be responsible for others especially unlucky children. Foster parents do those activities with sincere. In various religions, adoption is one of blessed activity which is done by the devout man. In Islam, adoption has been main discussion among Muslims in all around the world. It is not a big mistake if we don't adopt an unlucky child. It means that adoption is done with no forcing. As answering a question about adoption in Islam's view, it is clear that adoption is Islam is a legal thing. To adopt a child, foster parents must know some urgent matters below.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Why does Alien appear in the world?

Before I answer above question I would like to give you the definitions of alien. According to Oxford dictionary, alien means species which come from another world supposedly or extra terrestrial. From Cambridge dictionary it means that it comes from a different country, race, or group. It is strange and not familiar with human because it relates to creatures from another planet. Based on two definitions above, the writer makes a generalization that alien, we call as strange and unfamiliar appearance, is human’s friend or family who live in different shape or time dimensions. Alien is human’s life mate in this great world.

Recently, there many researchers, scientific forums, scientific journals, and private department that gives their great time to discus about it. The researchers have conducted a secret research on alien. They are eager to know who alien is, why unidentified flying object (UFO) is identical with alien existence, and why alien makes human, in this case people feel afraid of their existence. They have spent million dollars for knowing more about them. They study them seriously in a long period. They do this because they want to open the mystery of alien.

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