Sunday, 25 November 2012

Adoption in Islam

Adopting a child in Islam is a legitimate thing. It is done as it has great benefits not only for the foster parents but also foster children. As we all know that adoption must be done in order to keep, care, educate, fund, and be responsible for others especially unlucky children. Foster parents do those activities with sincere. In various religions, adoption is one of blessed activity which is done by the devout man. In Islam, adoption has been main discussion among Muslims in all around the world. It is not a big mistake if we don't adopt an unlucky child. It means that adoption is done with no forcing. As answering a question about adoption in Islam's view, it is clear that adoption is Islam is a legal thing. To adopt a child, foster parents must know some urgent matters below.

First, it may be done by unlucky couple between husband and wife who have not been blessed with children. It's better for infertile woman or wife to do it. It is done as they hope that someday they will have a baby. Second, the main purpose of adopting children is helping others. The foster parents help unlucky parents to care their children. They must help waifs and strays like they help their own children. Third, never adopt unlucky children for nefarious purposes. Islam does not allow doing this. For example if we want to adopt child in order to change their religion, to force them to be a beggar, thief, pickpocket, slave, and prostitute. It is bad thing and it should not be done. Fourth, in dividing the foster parent's inheritance when they are passed away, the role has been established. Islam has discus it. It is allowed to give foster child part of the inheritance by making their written or spoken will first. It must be done by foster father before he is passed away.

As a conclusion, adoption is a legal and blessed thing to do in Islam religion. It is not banned since it is done for positive purposes. Foster parents take the unlucky children into their family and they are regarded as their own children. They should not adopt for negative purposes. In adoption, there are many things that should be known as foster parents. The rights of waifs and strays, and their relationship in Islam among the main family need more comprehensive discussion.

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