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Commentary Text

A commentary text is not a summary of an issue. This text consists of 90 % from the writer’s idea or opinion.

A commentary text structure consists of three (3) components. They are:

1. Title
2. General Statement
3. Stepped explanation

Now read the example of a commentary text!

TV Films Must Be Censored

There are too many movies on TV featuring vulgarity, violence, superstition and indecency. Scenes depicting violence may inspire high school students to do likewise in a brawl, for example.
Films selected for broadcast should inspire viewers to be persistent in their struggle for better life, and should not feature mentally disturbed people. They should present the beauty of Indonesia and the diversity of its traditional culture. Most importantly, TV films should have plausible plots.

Given the above explanation, it is necessary to subject all TV movies to tight censorship as otherwise these films will only create a permissive and violent society.

Pandaan, Pasuruan

Read also a commentary text below!
Title: : Cheating with Mobile Phones
General statement:
As police expand their investigation into cheating in the state run college entrance exam by using mobile phones, people deplore the low morality among the growing generation and many also condemn the absurdity of the current education system that drove student to do such a thing. Strong blame should also be laid on local authorities who failed to prevent such a misdeed, long anticipated in the overdeveloping information technology environment of this country.

About 100 students in Gwangju have been "confirmed" as having been involved in the cheating, some transmitting the answer, some receiving them, others coordinating the illicit communications outside testing places.

It is unfortunate that dishonest means were used by students who wanted to get a higher score in the state test and enter a college that is beyond their academic ability.
But what dismay us are that such scandals as this and other scandals will continue to take place around us until and unless the nation is freed from its obsession with college diplomas.

To make better understanding about a commentary text! See the model of text below!

Filthy Terminal
The Kampung Rambutan bus station is very poor condition. Street vendors are found virtually everywhere in this terminal. The restaurant inside the bus station carelessly tosses out its dirty water as it pleases. The garbage is everywhere. The whole place stinks. The whole station is the very picture of filth
As every public transportation, vehicle that enters this station has to pay a fee, there is, in fact, a source of money to pay people to keep the terminal clean.

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