Wednesday, 10 August 2011

An embarrassing incident in a shop

By ellys faridatul lailiyah xi ipa 3/ 09

Did you ever buy something but you didn’t bring some money? This experience is embarrassed me and make me sad at that time. On Sunday, I usually get up late but in this day my parents forced me to wake up early. They ordered me to buy milk and fish feeding. My mother gave me 115.000 rupiahs. Because my shop destination was two places so I decided to buy milk first. It costs 15.000 rupiah and the rest of money, 100.000 I put on my jacket pocket. I was busy to buy milk and I didn’t care about my money in my jacket pocket. Then I bought fish feeding but when I came there it was closed. So I went o another shop. When I came and bought it I felt that I still had my money. When I wanted to pay it, my money was gone. I felt so surprised, confuse, sad and embarrassed. So I told to the shop guard that my money was gone. I decided to go home to take my own money then I was back to the shop to pay it. I did not tell my parents about this incident because I was afraid, the money was disappeared. I really want to tell it to them but I am worry if they are angry to me. Finally, right now I never tell them about it. From my story, I want to tell you that please don’t be careless and please be careful in buying some goods. Keep your money properly.

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